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Meet our people

Competent, motivated, and involved

Our people

One of the best ways to understand Voith is by meeting our people. Students, graduates and professionals from across the company talk about what they do and what it's like to work at Voith.

Meet students at Voith

    As a student at Voith, you can write your final thesis, join us as a working student or enter a dual-study program.

    Sarah Masurke
    Voith offers good career opportunities. They take a close look at your interests and highlight the various possibilities available.
    Sarah Masurke
    Dual Study International Business
    Marc Zeger
    The exciting thing about my degree program is that I’m really on the bridge between IT and business.
    Marc Zeger
    Dual Study Information Systems
    Apprenticeship & Study at Voith
    What’s really cool about my training is that you can apply theoretical content from the DHBW directly in the company.
    Moritz Möhlenkamp
    Dual Study Industrial Engineering

    Students share their story

    Julia, technologist, former dual student

    My superiors value an independent and objective-oriented way of working. This way I feel like I’m acting on my own initiative and able to pursue my interests.
    Julia Spengler, Technologist Voith Paper

    Tell us about your job at Voith

    My dual study in mechanical engineering gave me the chance to learn about Voith as a versatile family business, to explore very different aspects of it and to find my place. Six months ago, I joined Voith Paper as a technologist.Trouble-shooting paper machines gives me the opportunity to put my knowledge of theory into practice. Cultivating relationships with customers plays a key role in ensuring a high standard of quality in my work. At the same time, I’m the contact for all technology topics that touch on paper finishing. I also evaluate test data and do patent research.

    What do you like best about your job?

    As a technologist at Voith, I have a varied job in a challenging field. For me, the combination of theory and practice that comes with the job is wonderful in its variety and I enjoy the contact with our customers. I don’t shy away from responsibilities because they make my job especially exciting.

    How do you contribute to Voith’s success?

    As a technology supplier, it’s our job to put out new innovative products and use our comprehensive expertise in technology to make sure our customers are successful. As a section technologist, I contribute ideas to the development of successful strategies.

    Christina, working student in Human Resources

    My commercial vocational training at Voith has encouraged me to continue working in the field of HR after I’ve completed my university studies.
    Christina Saur, Working Student

    What do you do at Voith?

    I started as a working student in the HR/Talent Acquisition department at Voith in March 2017. In addition to studying business administration at Kempten University, I work at Voith two days a week. My time here gives me a better understanding of the strategic scope of personnel marketing. A stint as a working student is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience during the semester.

    What made you choose Voith?

    My history with Voith stretches back to September 2012, when I started my commercial vocational training here. When I was assigned to operative HR at Voith headquarters as an HR Specialist that was even better, because that was precisely what I had always wanted.

    What do you like best about Voith?

    The opportunity to look at HR from another perspective is a great experience. I get a more in-depth insight into the professional world after my university studies, and I can explore what I’m good at and discover what I enjoy. I love being part of the exchange of experiences through interviews with apprentices, students and professionals and making new contacts.

    Meet graduates at Voith

      These graduates joined Voith as a direct appointment or as a participant of the Global Graduate Program.

      Women is working on a Voith Paper machine.
      Julia Spengler
      What I like best is being able to start such a huge machine moving at the touch of a
      Julia Spengler
      Technology Manager Calender & Coating, Voith Paper
      Voith employee, smiling.
      Marcus Milbich
      Of course, as a team leader, it is my job to keep the team together and develop the employees.
      Marcus Milbich
      Teammanager SAP Controlling, Voith Digital Ventures
      Brice Azambou
      I like the way we work together as a team. We always try to figure out solutions as a Team.
      Brice Azambou
      Small Hydro Sales Manager, Voith Hydro

      Graduates share their story

      Timour, mechanical engineer, Voith Hydro Development Program

      The numerous relationships that I developed during this program will be my biggest takeaway from all of it.
      Timour Najeeb, mechanical engineer, Hydro Development Program Participant

      Timour Najeeb is a mechanical engineer in the Generator Engineering department in Mississauaga, Canada. Through the challenges in the Hydro Development Program (HDP) he grew professionally and personally. Timour shared his great impressions in this interview. HDP is an internal development program for young professionals, which have been working within Voith Hydro for at least 18 months and have been showing potential for a leadership position or expert career.

      Please tell us something about your background.
      I always found this question difficult to answer – until I started working at Voith and became part of this diverse and international family. I was born in France, grew up in Pakistan and now have called Canada my home for the past 12 years; in summary I am a Voithian. Each country and its culture is an integral part of my identity and has contributed to who I am today. Being able to live in such diverse communities and take the best from each has been a huge blessing in my life. Likewise at Voith we have profited from sharing knowledge between our different locations.

      In which area of Voith are you working in?
      I work in the Generator Engineering department at Voith Hydro. Hydro was an industry that I knew very little about during my time at university. Since joining Voith I have been infected by the "Hydro virus" and as I have been told numerous times, there is no cure. I truly enjoy working in this industry that allows us to have a positive impact on society think that I have a part in helping keep the lights on in someone’s home. Our work is our legacy for the future generations and I am proud that I can be part of it.

      What were your Hydro Development Program assignments?
      I had three international assignments in diverse departments:
      I was in Manufacturing at Voith Hydro in Brazil, in São Paulo, after that I worked in the Field Service at Voith Hydro in Heidenheim, Germany and finally I worked at the Voith Hydro Engineering Center in Vasteras, Sweden. I chose these assignments in order to gain a better understanding of every stage of the product process from conception to manufacturing to installation.

      What do you like best about the Hydro Development Program at Voith? What was your highlight?
      For me the best part of the Hydro Development Program was the people – both in my peer group and colleagues I met during my assignments. I met people with a passion and a drive to be the future leaders of this company. The numerous relationships that I developed during this program will be my biggest takeaway from all of it.

      How do you see your future with Voith? Do you have any plans?
      I plan on diversifying a bit by working in different organizational roles to get a more holistic project view, but eventually I wish to return to and remain in engineering.

      What is your attitude to life? What drives you?
      Always looking towards the next challenge is my attitude to life. Through new challenges and experiences you are able to grow and add to your "bank" of knowledge. Both positive and negative experiences help improve your view of and approach to life. Therefore it’s not worth dwelling too long on the negative or gloating about the positive. Instead it is best to "keep calm and carry on" to the next challenge.

      Anything to add?
      Voith and the Hydro Development Program have given me so much, both professionally and personally. I feel I am a Voithian through and through, and at my very core I want Voith as an organization to succeed and be a leader for the coming generations. I will do everything I can to achieve this goal.

      Bj?rn, project management supply chain, former GGP participant

      In emerging markets like China, there are entire regions that need an upgraded transportation infrastructure – I like helping to make the world a better place, and the Global Graduate Program gave me an opportunity to do just that.
      Björn Kleigrewe, Project Manager Supply Chain, Rail

      Could you tell us about your background?

      Before I joined Voith, I got my university degree in industrial engineering and interned in the aerospace industry.

      What were your GGP assignments?

      My first assignment was at the plant in Salzgitter. The focus was on supply chain and logistics. I analyzed and optimized the parts kit process for Scharfenberg couplers, which are used in express trains and subways. They are installed on-site in China, which would have been the destination of my second assignment – if things had gone according to plan. Red tape kept me from staying the full duration of my assignment. My contacts at Voith Turbo stepped in and we found a solution. First, I went to China for three months to witness the installation of the parts kits and to go on-site and see the improved interface communication I had developed put in place. Then, I continued to Australia, to the Voith plant near Sydney, where parts kits for Scharfenberg couplings are installed and overhauled. On my return trip, I dropped in at the China plant to see how the measures I came up with were evolving. The final four months of the GGP, I spent in Heidenheim working on logistics and processes related to turbo transmissions.

      What did you like best about the GGP at Voith?

      Voith offers the opportunity to actively contribute and shape things. And, even though Voith is a successful global corporation with a lot of engineering competence and very attractive, innovative products, it has retained the welcoming and nurturing culture of a family-owned company.

      Tony, product management, GGP participant

      Through the GGP, I get to know all relevant stages of the product life cycle – from design and production to marketing and service.
      Tony Sies, Global Graduate Program participant

      Could you tell us a little about your background?

      I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Konstanz University in industrial/mechanical engineering and followed up with a Master’s degree from Munich Technical University. In my studies, I focused on technology management and entrepreneurship.

      What brought you to Voith?

      I was hoping for a company that manufactures mechanical products – things you can actually touch. Voith is one of the very few to offer a traineeship program in product management for mechanical products.

      What are your GGP assignments?

      For my first assignment, I’m in sales and in development at the head office in Heidenheim. I am devising a new method for improved customer orientation in individual product offers. My second assignment is product-oriented and will take me to North America. There, I will probably work on a production floor to examine synergy effects in plant design. For my final assignment, I’ll go back to Heidenheim to support the service staff by designing a mobile application for efficient maintenance work.

      What opportunities are there for extra training?

      My mentor has signed me up for the Product Management School of Voith. A privilege – normally, this training is limited to experienced product managers. It offers internal lectures on all areas of product management. With this facility, Voith stands out from other employers, because it provides an in-depth on-the-job insight into specific technical theories.

      Jasper, regional sales, direct hire

      What I really like about my job is that I get to know countless different customers, especially when I travel around the whole world. My favorite continent to explore is Africa.
      Jasper Wang, Regional Sales, Africa Market Team

      What do you do at Voith?

      As a regional sales manager at Voith my day-to-day work is both highly diverse and exciting. My job offers a wide range of responsibilities: from contacting clients through project development to international business travel.

      How long have you been with Voith?

      Directly after graduation, I started my career at Voith. For five years, I worked for Voith in Shanghai. Now, I am on assignment at the headquarters in Heidenheim for two years.

      What do you like about your job?

      I get to know countless different customers, especially by travelling around the whole world. My favorite continent to explore is Africa.

      Has your career changed you?

      Working at different places and experiencing different cultures while on business has made me independent and open-minded.

      What do you like about working for Voith?

      Voith trusts me and every other employee. We get the chance to show our talents. For example, I was assigned to Dr. Lienhard, our CEO, as his interpreter for the twentieth anniversary of Voith Hydro Shanghai. That was an unforgettable experience!

      Meet professionals at Voith

        Christiane Richter
        For me, the decision to go to Voith was absolutely the right one.
        Christiane Richter
        Teamleader HR Training Services
        Gerd Zimmermann
        My motivation is seeing how the young people enter adult working life as specialists after their apprenticeship.
        Gerd Zimmermann
        Training Supervisor Construction / Welding
        Explore your possibilities
        We are simply like a big Voith family and that is what is so awesome about this company.

        Professionals share their story

        Ahmed, Field Service team manager, former participant in Voith Hydro Development Program

        Ahmed Arous was a participant in the Hydro Development Program (HDP). He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and currently resides in Brossard, Canada. Ahmed shared his great impressions in this interview. HDP is an internal development program for young professionals, which have been working within Voith Hydro for at least 18 months and have been showing potential for a leadership position or expert career.

        Please tell us something about your background
        I moved from Tunisia to Montreal 12 years ago, where I finished my master’s degree in mechanical engineering. In 2011, I began working as a mechanical engineer for another company. Since 2014 I have been working as Site Quality Manager at Voith Hydro. Now I am part of the Voith Field Service department, which I joined in February 2019.

        What were your Hydro Development Program assignments?
        The assignments were very interesting. I was able to be part of a new department at Voith Hydro and that helped me to reach a new position. The first assignment was in Canada where I was able to train many people in our processes. The second one in Brazil helped me to gain valuable knowledge about manufacturing. And the third one in York gave me the opportunity to come into contact with people from higher management, something I still benefit from.

        How do you see your future at Voith? Do you have any plans?
        I see a bright future for me at Voith. Rotating through the departments was very interesting and I had the chance to learn a lot from the different disciplines. Someday I would like to be in a higher management position, like CEO.

        What is your attitude to life? What drives you?
        I am always ambitious, positive, happy and very energetic.

        Anything to add?
        Thank you to Voith for believing in me and offering me this opportunity to acquire invaluable knowledge and obtain a leadership position. I am now the manager of a Field Service team and am looking forward to my future career at Voith.

        I see a bright future for me at Voith. Rotating through the departments was very interesting and I had the chance to learn a lot from the different disciplines.
        Ahmed, Field Service team manager, former Hydro Development Program participant

        Reena, director tax compliance and tax accounting

        Voith has given me the chance to work with very different people and to do so with flexibility and independence. I feel, with my work, I can contribute to shaping the future of Voith.
        Reena Meißner, Director Tax Compliance / Tax Accounting

        Tell us about yourself

        I’m married with two kids and I work part-time. In my job, I prepare tax returns, support and accompany audits, and coordinate the annual financial statement.

        What do you like about Voith?

        The international character of Voith and the diversity of its people fascinate me, as do the international perspective and variety of activities and the friendly working environment.

        Voith places great emphasis on employee friendliness and a good work-life balance. When I returned after my maternity leave, Voith made it possible for me to work part-time.

        Sebastian, commissioning engineer

        70-80 percent traveling internationally is the rule, and that’s exactly what makes this job so exciting to me!
        Sebastian Bläsing, Commissioning Engineer, Voith Paper

        Can you tell us a little about your job?

        As a commissioning engineer, you spend your life at construction sites. In my eight years on the job, I have put machines into service all over the world. I work in Asia a lot, especially in China South Korea and India. But there are also projects in Europe – in Sweden, Great Britain, Russia and the Czech Republic. For the customer, commissioning new machinery often represents an enormous leap of innovation – it’s not every day that an entire new facility is put into service. Commissioning on-site is a lot of work, but it’s stimulating and there is a lot of variety.

        Why do you like about working for Voith Paper?

        It fascinates me that these huge machines, in a highly complex process, produce something as delicate as paper! I’ve had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in an extremely short period of time, and I was allowed to take on responsibility pretty early on.

        What is your experience with team work?

        Co-workers from very different departments and, frequently, different countries come together when we commission a medium-sized facility. At the last site I was working on, the team comprised people from eight nations that’s both interesting and challenging. It’s an ideal opportunity to grow your soft skills, your collaborative skills and build your problem-solving expertise. After all, in commissioning everything has to be a perfect fit, down to the last screw. And each and everyone has the responsibility to contribute.

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