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Graduates at Voith

Make an impact on the future!

Kick-start your career

As a graduate, there are two ways for you to start your career at Voith: Enter the Global Graduate Program (GGP), or opt for an entry-level position.

What I really like about my job is that I get to know countless different customers, especially when I travel around the whole world. My favorite continent to explore is Africa.
Jasper Wang, Regional Sales, Africa Market Team

Why you should start your career at Voith

    As an international company of 19,000 employees, Voith offers career opportunities in 4 group divisions, 5 markets, and over 60 countries.

    Benefits of a career at Voith

    • Mentorship for smooth integration into new work environments
    • Flexible hours for a better work-life balance
    • Comprehensive career-development support at all levels
    • Diverse and inclusive global community
    • Focus on in-company promotion
    • Leadership programs

    I’d definitely choose Voith again, if given the choice again today.
    Sarah Masurke, International Business

    Exceptional careers for exceptional people

      Dive right in as direct hire

      Begin your career with an entry-level position at Voith, and make a positive impact from the get-go.

      Entry-level jobs at Voith are launch pads for joining exciting projects where you collaborate with exceptional people on exceptional technology. Mentors share insights and help you settle into your new responsibilities.

      An entry-level position at Voith is perfect for you, if you:

      • have just graduated from training, college, or university,
      • have some experience in the field you want to work in,
      • are passionate about technology,
      • are ambitious, driven and authentic,
      • are open, reliable and respectful.

      Empower your future

        Our Global Graduate Program (GGP) offers an 18-month adventure to challenge and inspire you. While expanding your professional and personal skills on and off the job, you have the opportunity to get to know Voith in its entirety and build up an international network. After the program you will take your target position following your individual leader or specialist career path.

        The greatest advantages of the Global Graduate Program at Voith: It gives you a lot of flexibility, opens up a variety of opportunities and you get great support from your mentor.
        Björn Kleigrewe, Project Manager Supply Chain, Rail Division at Voith Turbo, completed the Global Graduate Program in 2016

        The Global Graduate Program in a nutshell

        The journey of each participant through the Global Graduate Program is unique. It is shaped by the target position as much as by the skills, experience and work history you bring to the program.

        • 18-month duration
        • Fixed target position after program completion
        • Openings are announced each year in February (depending on region) on
        • The GGP starts 1 October of each year
        • A total of 3 assignments (2 local, 1 abroad)
        • Support by a mentor, supervisors and Human Resources
        • Compulsory group training plus Integration Days and Final Event for all GGP-participants

        Global graduate program jobs

        The Global Graduate Program in detail

        Who can apply for the GGP

        The Voith’s Global Graduate Program is perfect for you, if you:

        • have an excellent degree in engineering, business administration or IT, preferably with a specialization in one of the GGP focal points,
        • are globally mobile and have the entrepreneurial drive and mindset for business leadership,
        • have gained experience in your chosen field from internships during your studies and/or from working up to 18 months after graduation,
        • have a minimum of 4 months of international work experience,
        • are fluent in English and, preferably, in one additional language.

        As an ideal GGP candidate, you:

        • are curious, ambitious, and open,
        • excel at creative problem-solving as well as analytical and conceptual thinking,
        • are interculturally aware and enjoy working in cross-cultural teams,
        • thrive on new challenges and experiences,
        • can motivate yourself and others.

        Selection Process

        The selection process is divided into the following steps:

        • online application
        • online assessment
        • telephone interview
        • personal interview
        • employment offer


        3 assignments, 3 departments

        The Global Graduate Program consists of 3 six-month assignments. All assignments interlink but take place in 3 different departments and often in different locations. For each assignment, you will have the support of a supervisor from the department you have been sent to. Your supervisor familiarizes you with day-to-day business and processes in their department.

        One international assignment

        One of the 3 GGP assignments will take you abroad to give you insights into Voith’s global activities.

        Integration days and final event

        To ensure a successful immersion into the program, the GGP starts with integration days. They give you a chance to get to know other GGP participants as well as Voith as a company. To start your development straight ahead, you will have a first meeting and learn about your mentee role in a mentoring workshop.

        The final event is the conclusive training of your time as a GGP participant. By coming together with your GGP colleagues you will reflect on the past 18 months, the experiences you have made, successful but also challenging moments. Besides, as a group you get the opportunity to share your GGP time with the mentors and gently finish off the program together.

        Group training

        GGP group training is held at the Voith corporate headquarters in Heidenheim, Germany. This is where you join GGP participants from all over the world for training tailored to deepen your cultural understanding, expand your communication and project management skills, learn how to network and to manage complexity. Furthermore you will experience what it means to be a leader combined with the possibility to network globally and grow as a team in different teambuilding activities.

        Mentoring and development dialogue

        A mentor is assigned to each GGP participant. The mentor supports the mentee over the entire duration of the Program. As a partner and tutor, the mentor offers guidance and provides insight and orientation.

        Mentors also oversee program planning and discuss both second and third assignments options with their mentee, as well as individual training to ensure a successful and satisfying GGP experience.

        The development dialogue aims to track and document your progress. It includes feedback from each assignment and provides valuable insight into your individual needs for further career development activities.

        Focal Points

        Technical focal points

        • Manufacturing & Operations
        • Research & Development
        • Engineering
        • Product Management & Sales
        • IT

        Commercial focal points

        • Controlling & Finance
        • Human Resources
        • Purchasing & Procurement

        Young professionals share their experience

        Competent, motivated and involved – it’s the people that drive our innovation and competitiveness forward.

        Bj?rn - Production & Logistics

        In emerging markets like China, there are entire regions that need an upgraded transportation infrastructure – I like helping to make the world a better place, and the Global Graduate Program gave me an opportunity to do just that.
        Björn Kleigrewe, Project Manager Supply Chain, Rail

        Could you tell us about your background?

        Before I joined Voith, I got my university degree in industrial engineering and interned in the aerospace industry.

        What were your GGP assignments?

        My first assignment was at the plant in Salzgitter. The focus was on supply chain and logistics. I analyzed and optimized the parts-kit process for Scharfenberg couplers, which are used in express trains and subways. They are installed on-site in China, which would have been the location of my second assignment, if things had gone according to plan. Red tape kept me from staying for the full duration of my assignment. My contacts at Voith Turbo stepped in and we found a solution. First, I went to China for three months to witness the installation of the parts kits and to go on-site and see the improved interface communication I had developed put on place. Then, I continued to Australia, to the Voith plant near Sydney, where parts kits for Scharfenberg couplers are installed and overhauled. On my return trip, I dropped in at the China plant to see how the measures I came up with were doing. I spent the last four months of the GGP in Heidenheim working on logistics and processes related to turbo transmissions.

        What did you like best about the GGP at Voith?

        Even though Voith is a successful global corporation with a lot of engineering competence and very attractive, innovative products, it has retained the welcoming and nurturing culture of a family-owned company. And Voith offers the opportunity to actively contribute and shape things.

        Explore GGP openings

        Tony - Product Mgmt. & Sales

        Through the GGP, I get to know all relevant stages of the product life cycle – from design and production to marketing and service.
        Tony Sies, Trainee Global Graduate Program

        Could you tell us about your background?

        I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Konstanz University in industrial/mechanical engineering and followed up with a Master’s degree from Munich Technical University. In my studies, I focused on technology management and entrepreneurship.

        What brought you to Voith?

        I was hoping for a company that manufactures mechanical products – things you can actually touch. Voith is one of the very few to offer a traineeship program in product management for mechanical products.

        What are your GGP assignments?

        For my first assignment, I’m in sales and in development at the head office in Heidenheim. I am devising a new method to improve customer orientation in individual product offers. My second assignment is product-oriented and will take me to North America. There, I will probably work on a production floor to examine synergy effects in plant design. For my final assignment, I’ll go back to Heidenheim to support the service staff by designing a mobile application for efficient maintenance work.

        What opportunities are there for extra training?

        My mentor has signed me up for the Product Management School of Voith. An unusual privilege – normally, this training is limited to experienced product managers. It offers internal lectures on all areas of product management. With this facility, Voith stands out from other employers, because it provides an in-depth, on-the-job insight into specific technical theories.

        Explore GGP openings

        Laínne - Purchasing

        Our company is becoming more efficient and I like it. I feel I can also help to achieve this.
        Laínne Santos, Metallurgical Engineer in the Voith Hydro Purchasing department, Shanghai

        Laínne Santos is a metallurgical engineer in the Voith Hydro Purchasing department in Shanghai.

        She was born in Brazil and after her studies discovered her great interest in metallurgical processes. She started her professional life at Voith and took part in the Hydro Development Program (HDP). She shared her impressive experiences with Voith in this interview.

        HDP is an internal development program for young professionals, which have been working within Voith Hydro for at least 18 months and have been showing potential for a leadership position or expert career

        Please tell us something about your background.
        I am from Brazil and I was born far from São Paulo but it was in this city that I was selected to be an apprentice and learn how to operate machining machines. After that I studied metallurgical and mechanical processes in a dual cooperation between Voith and SENAI (Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial, National Industrial Learning Service). During this time I grew fascinated by metallurgical processes. I chose to work at a foundry to learn more on the shop floor and then in manufacturing engineering. That is how I started my professional life at Voith.

        How did you become aware of Voith?
        Voith has a program called DUAL, a cooperation between industrial schools and Voith. It is a very good opportunity for young people. I was 14 years old when my teacher offered this opportunity to us.

        In which area of Voith are you working?
        I worked in foundry engineering at Voith Hydro in São Paulo. Foundry engineering is like manufacturing engineering, we do not have the product, we have to create it using know-how, sand, furnaces and raw material. It is amazing! Now I am at Voith Hydro in Shanghai in the Purchasing department, learning about the Chinese Market and negotiations.

        What are/were your Voith Hydro Program assignments?
        At Voith Hydro in Shanghai I am visiting suppliers that can help Voith Hydro São Paulo to reduce its prices. At the Voith Hydro Engineering Center I will be at the forefront of system and component engineering. There I will learn all about our products and share my knowledge of production with the other colleagues. We will discuss how and what we can change to be more competitive. Our process is complex and has many interactions. How we can improve our activities to do exactly what we need to do and in the time that we need it is my third assignment in the HDP.

        What do you like best about the Hydro Development Program at Voith? What was the highlight for you so far?
        During the assignments we can see different ways to produce information and to foster cooperation between departments. We can also come into contact with other colleagues, different cultures and new mindsets. The interaction and the relationships that we build during this time is the most important thing!

        How do you see your future at Voith? Do you have any plans?
        Our company is becoming more efficient and I like it. I feel I can also help to achieve this. My first plan is to use the knowledge that I have gained in the Hydro Development Program to enhance our internal processes.

        Maike - Product Mgmt. & Sales

        Looking back, I was especially impressed by China because of its culture. I’m grateful to the GGP for giving me the opportunity – my very first – to become acquainted with Asia.
        Maike Bechtel, Business Development Expert - former Trainee Global Graduate Program

        Hello, Maike. Could you tell us something about your past studies and about how Voith came to your attention?
        I earned my bachelor’s degree in media management at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzgitter. Then I went to Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, where I studied communication and cultural sciences. I received my master’s degree in 2014. After completing my studies, I thought about how I wanted to start my career. I did a bit of searching and discovered a video in a social media channel about an employee of Voith Paper. This made me aware of the Voith Group. Although my studies had not been directly related to technology, I had always been interested in technical topics. At Voith I entered the Global Graduate Program in Product Management and Sales, and this turned out to be an excellent way to learn more about the company, in particular Voith Turbo. The position had originally been advertised for graduates with an engineering background, but because of my intense interest I applied anyway. And being accepted made me all the happier.

        What were your first days like in the GGP?
        It began with Integration Days in Heidenheim. I really liked these two days, which gave us an introduction to the Global Graduate Program. We got to know the other trainees, gained some initial impressions of the company and took some courses at the Training Center. And I must say that we received good support throughout the program and always had someone to contact. In addition, we had a chance to get to know the Voith management in a fireside chat. I was happy to see that they took the time for us. It made me feel connected.

        What assignments did you receive in the course of the GGP?
        My first assignment was with Voith Turbo China. The focus was on our service strategy, and my task involved restructuring the service. This assignment acquainted me with the various aspects of service. I worked directly with my colleagues to devise an overall strategy. One of the questions I had to answer was “How strong is Voith’s presence in the market for turbo couplings and what potential exists for the future, in particular in service business?” My tasks included analyzing competition, monitoring market developments and talking with customers in order to better match Voith products to customer requirements. By the end of my first assignment I had prepared a strategy paper and a list of action points, which I presented to my supervisor.

        My second assignment took me to Voith Turbo in São Paulo. Here the emphasis was on marketing. I investigated the South American market for mining products, with a special focus on Brazil, Chile and Peru. During this time I saw Voith products in use with customers, talked directly with customers to learn about their wishes, and developed a feel for the market and the competition. At the end of my deployment I wrote up a strategy on areas of potential in mining based on what I had learned and presented it to the responsible department.

        Looking back, I was especially impressed by China because of its culture. I’m grateful to the GGP for giving me the opportunity – my very first – to become acquainted with Asia. In South America, in particular Brazil, I learned to appreciate the people, especially their warmth and outgoing nature. I’ll always remember the friendly way in which I was received in these countries.

        During the GGP you had a mentor. How would you describe your work with this person, and how much support did you receive?
        The mentoring program was presented to us during the Integration Days. Afterwards I met with my mentor at regular intervals in order to discuss my progress. In addition, I was able to make contact with my mentor whenever I needed to talk about something.

        What was the highlight of the GGP for you?
        Without a doubt, the highlights were my deployments abroad. They allowed me to gain a lot of experience, and I had a chance to work in an international environment. During my time in Brazil I had a chance to make business trips to Chile and Peru. I’m very grateful for these opportunities.

        How do you see your future with Voith? Have you any plans?
        After completing the Global Graduate Program I was kept on as a business developer in the department of Business Development and Marketing in Crailsheim. Here I’ve continued to be involved in topics and projects relating to mining.

        In my second area of work, Marketing, I work closely with the project management and look after the products. I’m also very much interested in Industry 4.0, networked communication and intelligent mining, because I think they have big potential.

        I hope you’ll continue to enjoy your work at Voith. Thank you for giving us your time for this interview.

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          With our comprehensive career development programs, we help you become the best you can be.

          We will inspire, develop, support and challenge you. Our career development programs are the result of more than 150 years of rich experience in nurturing talents to unlock their full potential.
          Dr. Markus Keddi, Senior Vice President Corporate HR Voith Group
          Dr. Markus Keddi, Senior Vice President Corporate HR Voith Group
          We will inspire, develop, support and challenge you. Our career development programs are the result of more than 150 years of rich experience in nurturing talents to unlock their full potential.
          Dr. Markus Keddi, Senior Vice President Corporate HR Voith Group

          At Voith, we foster a culture of life-long learning, from Voith Academy – our self-service booking platform for continued learning – to fully-fledged leadership programs for new talent, first-time managers and experienced professionals.

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